what we do

Customers have the hardware. We provide the software to make intelligent use of it: a reliable and robust control signal for facility automation and automated demand response applications.

Powerconsumer energy market models provide a platform for customer meter integration: to customize products and services for each customer, each facility, each meter point.

Powerconsumer energy reports & business analytics provide consumers with comprehensive & accurate tools to predict high-cost periods, schedule production & manage demand to reduce cost.

Powerconsumer generates real-time control signals to send to customers’ energy management systems to fully automate dynamic energy management.

Powerconsumer energy market intelligence informs better business decisions.

who we are

our company

Powerconsumer was incorporated in 2011 to build intuitive tools for energy managers, provide real-time insight into energy market dynamics, create interactive visualizations of complex data relationships, enable easy scenario testing, generate useful reports and explore the global scale potential in emerging smart grid technologies.

Powerconsumer is customer-facing, hardware agnostic, and operates in the space between the customer’s meter and the energy market. We don’t work behind-the-meter and we don’t take a position in the market. We will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mission is to save you money. We guarantee it.


years of combined professional experience


years of experience in energy markets, policy & regulation


millions in energy cost savings for customers

our founders

Adam White
Chief Executive Officer

Adam White has 25 years of experience as an analyst, advocate, activist, and entrepreneur, in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors. With powerconsumer, Adam is designing and building new tools to serve clients, and engaging with customers in new ways, using new technologies, to unlock new opportunities.

As President of the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario, Adam serves the interests of business consumers in the forestry, chemical, mining and minerals, steel, petroleum products, cement, automotive and manufacturing industries with operations in Ontario, as an advocate for energy policy, law and regulation to promote industrial competitiveness.

As President of AITIA Analytics Inc., Adam serves his clients with expert advice and consulting services including economic and policy analysis, public utility regulation, government, public and stakeholder relations.

Previously, Adam was Vice President of Public Affairs and External Relations with the Ontario Energy Association, Account Manager with Mirant Canada Energy Marketing, Manager of Regulatory Affairs with TransAlta Energy Corporation, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Energy, Senior Policy Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Senior Economist at the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Adam teaches energy policy in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Trevor Su
Chief Technology Officer

Trevor has 24 years of experience providing data management solutions to industry leaders. As Principal Software Architect at CNUX, he has served clients including IBM, Bell Canada, Entrust, AECL, Candu Energy, OPG, NB Power, Hydro Quebec, SNN (Romania), KHNP (Korea). He has developed mission-critical applications that are used in all stages of a nuclear power plant life cycle, from design, to construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance.

With Powerconsumer, Trevor turns all analytics and models into computer programs that generate useable data for customers, recognizing that data is meaningless unless it can be understood and put to work to improve process.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and training for his next triathlon race.

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