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Powerconsumer’s cost savings assessment is based on a detailed analysis of historical hourly usage data verified using actual customer bills to validate customer account details. The cost savings assessment diagnostic analyzes historical usage patterns and estimates cost savings resulting from possible alternative load profiles, for example to assess the potential cost savings from changing production scheduling, timing outages for maintenance, replacing equipment, and other ways the customer might be able to change how and when they use electricity. The diagnostic report estimates indicative savings from investments in energy efficiency, conservation and demand response. The cost savings report is produced on a one-time basis, to demonstrate the potential for cost savings. For subscribers it is included in the service as a regular monthly report, providing ongoing support to evaluate, measure and verify energy savings, and to continue to target opportunities to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

Sample Cost Saving Report (PDF)

energy market daily reports

Our daily report compiles market data, incorporates weather forecasts and generates an array of forecast hourly market outcomes seven days in advance. The report is delivered in Microsoft Excel format and includes a two-page printable template with charts showing actual, historical average and forecast values for weather, market and domestic energy demand, system peak demand, and hourly energy price. The report, delivered every morning, is currently available for the Ontario power market and includes a data table with all the numerical values shown in the charts.

Our daily report provides an intuitive snapshot of the energy market, showing at-a-glance where the market is, where it has been, and where it is likely to go over the next week. In addition to actual and modeled forecast values, the charts show historical minimum, maximum and mean values for temperature, peak demand and price.

Sample Daily Report (PDF)

energy market monthly reports

Our monthly report is produced seven days prior to the end of each month and provides a forecast and range of estimates for total market energy demand, average hourly Ontario energy price, and the IESO first estimate, second estimate, and actual Global Adjustment for the month ahead.

The monthly report considers market data, including scheduled outages and contingencies in the forecast period.

Sample Monthly Report (PDF)


what we offer

At the heart of Powerconsumer’s analysis is a General Energy Market Model for electricity that comprises a system of modules: weather, demand, price, production, production cost, market cost, and market settlement values. The model simulates an hourly energy market, generates detailed predictions of market outcomes, and generates actionable business analytics and production control signals all in an effort to save you money.

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custom services

Powerconsumer can provide customized analytical support to clients for individual projects and business issues.

We have developed a range of short and long-term forecasting tools to support business case analysis. We can read meter data and produce customized benchmarking and potential cost savings analyses. We can verify, validate and estimate customer bills. We can test assumptions and apply scenario analysis to pressure test important business and investment decisions. Our analysis is comprehensive, detailed and unbiased. We work quickly to identify and bring focus to client priorities.

Get in touch for more details by emailing us at info@powerconsumer.com.

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