How we save you money

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Saving money the Powerconsumer way

At Powerconsumer, we focus on the analytics to help your business grow more efficiently.

You might ask how we save you money.

First, we model the electricity system so we can predict all the capital and operating costs, revenues, rates and contract payment amounts for all the generators, the transmitters and the distributors.

Second, we model your own consumption based on reading your utility power meter—the one the utility reads to calculate your bill—so that we can calculate your bill: what it has been, what it is, and what it is likely to be.

Third, we replicate the calculations that your utility makes, using the charge determinants that it uses.

Now that we have a picture of the delivered cost to you of the energy you are using—and based on what we learn by analyzing your power meter information—we look for alternative scenarios that provide you with all the energy you need, when you need it, but at a lower cost than otherwise you would pay.

That’s how we save you money.


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