Introduction to Powerconsumer

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An Introduction to Powerconsumer

The vision for Powerconsumer came from years of helping business customers understand their energy bills and coming up with good advice on reliable ways for customers to save money. Working with our clients helped to confirm customers’ basic priority to save money, and the challenge of understanding and keeping up with complicated energy markets.

In big businesses with in-house energy management, our research showed that most energy managers were spending as much as half their time assembling complex data into business-related reports for management. And most businesses can’t afford an energy manager. The first challenge many times is simply to comprehend the utility bill. What do all the lines on the bill mean? What can you do to reduce costs? With utility rates rising all the time, how can you come up with a reliable energy budget? How do you forecast energy costs for your business? What are the risks?

We thought “What if we could produce these business-relevant reports for customers? What if we were to systematically collect all the energy market data and use that data to generate reports?”

Every business benefits from better, more informed energy management. Some savings opportunities come from new technology, changing out old equipment for new. While we can help assess the potential for these investments in your business, our first target is to unlock the potential energy savings that come from using energy smarter. Energy markets are dynamic; energy prices can be very volatile—from hour-to-hour and day-to-day. We help you identify times when energy is relatively cheap, and avoid those times when energy prices are high.

The most competitive companies are making smarter business decisions based on these kinds of advanced market analytics. Powerconsumer was founded with the idea of creating a company that would invest in tools and develop automated systems to synthesize market data into useful analyses, forecasts, and reports, to make advanced energy management analytics affordable for small and medium-sized business customers.

Our goal is to help businesses better manage energy, with intuitive visualizations of energy markets, robust analysis, informative reports, and a clear business case for success.

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