Problem: rising utility bills

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Your rising utility bill and how to fix it

The electricity system is technical and complicated, said to be one of the most complex systems ever invented by man. And while that complexity is real, there are some basic and important insights that can be understood by anybody who pays a bill or is responsible for energy management in their business.

The insights come from the data. In many regional power markets in North America and Europe, the system operations require and result in reams of real-time data. In the case of Ontario, the market has been producing hourly records of hundreds of data points since midnight May 1, 2002. This ‘big data’ is driving new efficiency opportunities, and new cost savings options, but it can be overwhelming. Where to start?

Your utility bill has various lines on it explaining how the total monthly charges are arrived at, but the bill is unnecessarily complicated, so you have to wonder how much you’re actually paying for what. You see your bill growing, but the bill itself offers little explanation of why that is the case, or what you might do to change it.

That’s where we come in; our products and services are designed to demystify the power market, to help customers see and understand what’s driving their energy costs over time, and in real time. When the cost drivers are clear, operating and technical solutions immediately become easier to identify and deliver.

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