Who we are.

The Company

We founded Powerconsumer to automate energy management for business customers, based on our insight that low cost and no-regret strategies to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions are available throughout the economy. Most people do not know where to look.

We bring economics, engineering, data science, and computer modeling, to solve complicated problems in energy management, for individual customers, for portfolios of buildings and facilities, for cities and towns, and for public utilities.

We are experts in energy and environmental system analysis. We understand the complex regulatory world in which our customers operate. We deliver compliant solutions. We take risk out of the equation.

We provide software as a service, with in-market products, existing customers, and a track record of success.

We work with utilities and their customers to build more sustainable energy systems.

The Team

Adam White (he/him), Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Adam is a grounded and experienced leader, coach and executive, and a recognized expert in energy and environmental policy, economics, and regulation, a sensitive and gifted communicator, skilled and versatile in leading inspired teams to build communities for change, an analyst, advocate, educator, and entrepreneur.

Adam’s work is about learning, to inform more human, just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive policies, teaching, to design and build more sustainable energy systems, and advocacy, for better governance, more transparency, and greater accountability, to develop the economy in ways that deliver for all.

Trevor Su (he/him), Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Trevor is an experienced software architect, providing big data management solutions to industry leaders, large-scale clients and complex projects. Trevor turns data. analytics and models into programs that generate business intelligence and automate energy system management for customers. Trevor has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Samira Viswanathan (she/her), Director of Customers and Community

Samira builds communities with our customers and partners. She is a Professional Engineer in Ontario and has worked in the field of energy and the environment both in the public and private sector for over 15 years. Her areas of interest and expertise are energy and environmental policy, electricity markets, stakeholdering, advocacy, equity, and collaborative problem solving. Samira has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a M.Sc. in Environmental Policy and Management from Lund University in Sweden.

Kenneth Wong (he/him), Software Lead

Kenneth is an experienced, hands-on software architect in the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise software systems, experienced in application development, database design and IT consulting. Kenneth’s expertise extends to all stages of the software development cycle with a proven record of success and innovation. He has remained at the cutting edge of enterprise information technology and adopted service orientation to architecture design. Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Computer Engineering Option, from the University of Toronto.