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Limited Time Offer: Global Adjustment Opt-In Deadline is June 15!

Recent changes to electricity policy will affect customer bills. For business customers that use a lot of energy, the changes present an opportunity to reduce bills significantly by avoiding high demand during system peaks. As an eligible customer, you have to decide whether to opt in now or to wait another year to choose.

Powerconsumer’s free bill calculator will analyze whether Class A is right for you, if so what the cost saving potential might be, and how you can target those cost savings. Powerconsumer’s critical peak forecast and alert service will give you the advance notice you need to avoid system critical peaks and high delivered cost hours.

If you’re someone who likes the details, we’ve got a news post all about Class A.

Or if you’d like us to save you the time, simply fill in the form on this page to get Powerconsumer’s free GA savings calculator assessment report to find out if Class A right for you.

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