Predictive Analytics

A cost-saving look into your energy usage future.

Powerconsumer’s predictive analytics support demand response, curtailment and behind-the-meter operational solutions. These solutions help reduce peak demand, avoid high cost hours, and maximize the economic opportunity in dynamic energy management—for any site, for every hour. We offer a wholesale packaged software-as-a-service solution for partners, including white-labelled and co-branded. We retail solutions directly to end-use commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Subscribing to Powerconsumer’s Predictive Analytics means actionable reports on the energy market. View sample reports below and contact us to set up your subscription.

Energy Market Daily Report

Our daily report compiles market data, incorporates weather forecasts and generates an array of forecast hourly market outcomes seven days in advance. The report, delivered every morning, is currently available for the Ontario power market and includes a data table with all the numerical values shown in the charts.

Energy Market Monthly Reports

Our monthly report is produced seven days prior to the end of each month. It provides a forecast and range of estimates for total market energy demand, average hourly Ontario energy price, and the IESO first estimate, second estimate, and actual Global Adjustment for the month ahead.

Cost Saving Report

The cost savings assessment analyzes historical usage patterns and estimates cost savings resulting from possible alternative load profiles and indicative savings from investments in energy efficiency, conservation and demand response. For subscribers it is included in the service as a regular monthly report.

Analytics for making the Class A switch

Recent changes to electricity policy will affect customer bills. For business customers that use a lot of energy, the changes present an opportunity to reduce bills significantly by avoiding high demand during system peaks. Use our calculator to determine if you should make the Class A switch.

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