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Who we are. What we do.

The Company

Powerconsumer is dedicated to helping create the energy future. We offer a comprehensive suite of market analysis and customer-facing energy management analytics on a software-as-a-service platform. Our software and team expertise supports expert advisory services, consulting, and project- or partnership- specific retainers.

Since incorporating in 2011, Powerconsumer has been active in the energy market, producing forecasts, analyzing customer facilities and supporting dynamic energy management strategies for customers and local distribution companies.

Powerconsumer’s business operates in three ways. We partner with energy service providers and project developers to originate viable energy system investments, manage risk and reduce costs. We work with commercial, institutional and industrial customers to automate dynamic energy management strategies save energy and reduce electricity bills. We work with utilities to develop grid scale strategies to engage customers in system optimization with distributed energy applications.

Powerconsumer is expanding its toolset to advance our existing solutions to a grid-wide digital platform for data analytics, digital automation, asset management, intelligent DER integration, and distribution asset optimization.

Powerful analytics to bring your energy usage into the future.

The Team

Adam White, Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Adam is a recognized expert in energy policy, regulation, analysis, advocacy and customer engagement, and a leading advocate for sustainable energy policy. From 2005 to 2016 Adam was President of the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario. Previously, Adam was Acting President and VP of public affairs and stakeholder relations at the Ontario Energy Association, a power marketer at Mirant Canada Energy Marketing, a Regulatory Affairs Manager with TransAlta Inc., was Executive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Energy and was a Senior Economist at the Ontario Ministry of Energy and the Environment. Adam has worked as a consultant, forestry researcher and public health policy advocate. Adam teaches a course in sustainable energy policy to future engineers at the University of Toronto.

Adam has a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of British Columbia and is a Canadian Fellow of the international Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) program.

Trevor Su, Chief Technology Officer

Trevor has over 27 years of experience providing big data management solutions to industry leaders. As a principle software architect, he has served multiple large-scale clients and projects. With Powerconsumer, Trevor is responsible for analytics and modelling. Trevor turns all analytics and models into programs that generate usable data for our customers. Trevor has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Trevor has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Mandy Jagt, Executive Assistant

Mandy is responsible for the organization of the team, filing, ensuring internal protocols and standards are met, scheduling and general administrative duties. She prepares internal and external communications documents and assists with regulatory and policy-oriented tasks. Mandy also plays a key role in Powerconsumer’s public relations and marketing.

Mandy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and International Development from the University of Guelph. Mandy completed a post graduate diploma in Government Relations from Seneca College, taking classes in media relations, public relations, writing, strategic communication planning, stakeholder relations, and advocacy.

Amanda Gelfant, Project Director

Amanda is the Program Director with the Powerconsumer team. She leads Powerconsumer’s practice area in the policy, regulation and law of distributed energy systems. Amanda is also senior staff liaison to our major clients and is responsible for project planning and management.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with highest academic distinction, an LL.B., and is in good standing with both the Manitoba and Ontario Bar Associations. After articling at a public interest law firm in Winnipeg, she moved to Toronto to pursue a master’s degree. While at York University, Amanda was awarded a Graduate Fellowship to complete her research, which examined regulatory and market barriers to energy technologies in North America.

Lisa Phin, Senior Analyst

Lisa has worked with Powerconsumer since 2013. During her time with Powerconsumer she has conducted elaborate models for forecasting, supply and demand, system peak alerts, load analysis, consumer analytics and wholesale market analysis. Lisa also conducts policy research and applies her technical background to her work. Lisa is also responsible for development, and product design and testing.

Lisa holds a BScH in Biology and Physics from Queens University, a MSc in Forensic Science from King’s College, and a BASc in Chemical Cngineering from University of Toronto.

Fatehullah Nassery, Power System Analyst

With 4 years of industry experience along with 2-years of research experience in the field of power system, Fatehullah has successfully designed and implemented multiple power system projects and has produced 2 research articles in the field. He is responsible for conducting analyses on power distribution systems and works on the technical and economic feasibility of integrating diverse distributed energy resources (DERs) in the electrical grid.

Fatehullah has both his bachelors and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering focused on power systems. He pursued his master’s degree in USA through the Fulbright Scholarship.

Elissar El-Hage, Energy Project Analyst

Elissar works as an in-house representative for a client. Elissar reviews regulatory documents to ensure completeness and consistency, edits and fact-checks. Elissar also ensures that all claims in the documents are just and that there are no false claims. Elissar also acts as a liaison to the client.

Elissar holds a Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto. Elissar holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. Elissar also holds a Masters of Public Administration in Science, Engineering and Public Policy with a specialization in Urban Innovation and Policy from University College London.

Kenneth Wong, Software Lead

Kenneth is an experienced, hands-on software architect in the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise software systems. He has more than 27 years of experience in application development, database design and IT consulting. Kenneth has expertise in all of the stages of the software development cycle with a proven record of success and innovation. He has remained at the cutting edge of enterprise information technology and adopted service orientation (SOA) to architecture design.

Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Computer Engineering Option, from the University of Toronto.

Colin Jones, Economic Analyst

Colin uses his expertise in economics with a specialization in statistics and econometrics to enhance Powerconsumer’s Predictive Analytics. Colin hopes to share his passion for statistical and economic analysis and use it to better serve Powerconsumer’s customers.

Colin graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Master’s in Statistics-Financial Modelling. Colin’s master’s project subject was Funding Strategies for Climate-Change Adaptation in the Fishing Industry. Colin completed his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics and Economics at the University of Ottawa graduating with Summa Cum Laude, receiving the Merit scholarship, ­­­­Linis Mathematics scholarship, and the Yvon Grandchamp Scholarship from the Mathematics department. Colin has completed two NSERC Research Awards, one involving Extreme Value Analysis in Finance.

Be part of the energy future.