The Future of Power.

Electricity is increasingly expensive. The energy market is complicated. Bills can be difficult to decode and understand.
Staying on top of all the issues, tracking the main cost-drivers, breaking down utility charges and coming up with a targeted plan of action to reduce bills can be a real challenge.
That’s the need we’re built to serve. We provide a complete picture of the delivered price of power in each hour, so you can make informed business decisions that reliably deliver superior business outcomes.

We work for energy customers, dynamically in real-time.

We analyze and explain what’s happening in energy markets.

We focus on the things that matter at the right level of detail.

We provide data you can count on to save money on energy.

We help you reduce costs and drive results on the bottom line.

powerconsumer will help you be more efficient, get better value for your money and reduce your total costs.

our advantage

piles of data at your fingertips

We collect detailed data on the energy market, apply advanced analytics, and arrive at intuitive, graphical tools to inform efficient energy management dynamically in real time.

your power savings pit crew

We take care of your energy details, so you don’t have to. Our tools will let you know what you need to pay attention, and when. The rest of the time we work in the background to save you money, all day every day.

energy savings as easy as pie

Our mission is to make energy management easy and profitable for you. Your ability to manage your energy consumption is a valuable resource for the energy grid. We can help you maximize that value.

we'll help you save green

Upon request, we can track how well you do at reducing your environmental footprint. You won’t just be lowering costs, you’ll be doing your part to reduce emissions and use energy more sustainably.

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