What we offer

A transformative opportunity to a low-carbon, low-cost future



We combine economics, engineering, data science, and computer modeling, to solve complicated problems in energy management, for individual customers, for customers with large portfolios of buildings and facilities, for cities and towns, and for public utilities.

We are experts in energy and environmental system analysis. We understand the complex regulatory world in which our customers operate. We deliver solutions to our customers that are compliant with all regulatory requirements. We take risk out of the equation.



We provide software as a service, with in-market products, existing customers, and a track record of success. We offer on-demand long-term forecasts, and regular forecast reports, on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

We offer a customized peak alert service for real time notifications during high demand and high-priced hours for energy, and an application programming interface for machine-to-machine integration that delivers real-time optimization.


A platform for energy system integration

We offer a comprehensive integrated service, a concierge-like professional and technical support plan, a sophisticated and informed business engagement strategy, and the software and platform solutions for utilities and their customers to minimize costs and carbon.


Peak Alert Service

Visit our Peak Alert site to learn more about this energy saving tool.