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  • By Trevor Su Early summer is a good time for Ontarians. Temperature is warm but mild, the lawn still green. I enjoy riding my bicycle outdoors and it feels great to do it without wearing thermal layers. Being in the energy analytics business, it also......

  • Are Energy Storage Batteries the Right Choice for your Business? An analysis of Lithium Ion energy storage Energy storage technologies are emerging as a viable way for customers to manage increasing electricity costs. Batteries allow consumers to take electricity from the grid when prices are......

  • NEWS RELEASE   June 17, 2021 Collaborating for Grid Innovation: Powerconsumer Inc and NODES announce partnership to demonstrate benefits of local energy markets for utilities of the future. (Toronto) – Powerconsumer Inc. is partnering with the NODES Initiative, based in Norway, and with Newmarket-Tay Power......

  • Global Adjustments Changes and How it can Help Businesses What is the Global Adjustment? Every month there is a certain amount of money that the province has to pay for electricity generation. This cost includes Ontario Power Generation’s regulated nuclear and hydro generation, IESO contracts......

Powerconsumer was founded to automate energy management intelligence services to business customers, based on our insight that profitable no-regret strategies to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions are available throughout the economy; most people do not know where to look.

Energy market modelling and analytics

Automated software solutions

A platform for energy sysstem integration

 A transformative opportunity to a low-carbon, low-cost future

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piles of data at your fingertips

We collect detailed data on the energy market, apply advanced analytics, and arrive at intuitive, graphical tools to inform efficient energy management dynamically in real time.

your power savings pit crew

We take care of your energy details, so you don’t have to. Our tools will let you know what you need to pay attention, and when. The rest of the time we work in the background to save you money, all day every day.

energy savings as easy as pie

Our mission is to make energy management easy and profitable for you. Your ability to manage your energy consumption is a valuable resource for the energy grid. We can help you maximize that value.

we'll help you save green

Upon request, we can track how well you do at reducing your environmental footprint. You won’t just be lowering costs, you’ll be doing your part to reduce emissions and use energy more sustainably.

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